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VUI increases revenue by finding the products customers want.

VUI’s patented natural language intelligence interprets customers’ own words and matches them with relevant products. 


Get your customers the products they want. Search for products with text or voice using natural language.



VUI uses customer data to increase revenue. We offer two solutions to accommodate your site search needs. 

01. Full Search

A standalone option that leverages our machine learning technology and customer behavioral data to increase your sales and revenue.

Increase relevance and accuracy of all customer searches. 
Leverage VUI’s expert search team and highly tuned eCommerce search engine.
Get insights from your data, including how your customers are searching for products.
Machine-learning, data-driven updates to drive relevant searches.

02. Search Plugin

A plugin that integrates with your existing search engine and works to improve its functionality.

Enhance your existing search with advanced query understanding.
Better understand customer queries with VUI’s ensemble of NLU capabilities. 
Machine-learning, data-driven updates to drive relevant searches.
Capitalize on your search engine investments.


Increase in CTR

(Click-Through Rate)

Increase in ATC

(Add to Cart) 

Increase in CVR (Conversion Rate)

Increase in AOV

(Average Order Value)

Based on results from leading Fortune 100 retail customers

Improving search and boosting sales,
one query at a time.


VUI saw that eCommerce product search was such a poor experience that customers were giving up - and retailers were losing sales. VUI's AI-powered search solution accurately finds the products customers want, increasing sales and customer retention.

Our Mission

VUI’s mission is to connect customers with the products they want, simultaneously increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Based in Boston (USA) and Trento (IT) the team at VUI has extensive engineering experience and worked on the original Alexa, Nokia, and Rakuten teams.

Phil Cartoon.jpg

Phil Frank

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned entrepreneur, public and private company executive and director, Phil brings 30 years of experience to the VUI team. Prior to joining VUI, he ran several startups, was CFO of an emerging public technology company, and led mergers & acquisitions at several Fortune 100 global public technology companies. Phil constantly strives to find new ways of transforming and improving digital commerce.

PDF Cartoon_prev_ui-2.png

Pino Di Fabbrizio 

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Pino leads the science and technology team that powers VUI. His broad research expertise includes conversational agents, machine learning, natural language understanding, natural language generation, and large-scale speech system architectures. Before VUI, Pino was a group leader at Rakuten, a senior scientist in the core Amazon Alexa team, and a lead research scientist at AT&T – Labs Research.

JPD Cartoon_prev_ui.png

Jim Dreher 

Chief Product Officer

Jim has a wealth of experience in AI, CX technologies, and telecommunications. He most recently co-founded Interactions, one of the largest conversational AI companies in customer care. Prior to that, he held executive positions in several telecom and Internet companies, including RCN and 21st Century Telecom. Jim also co-founded EnterAct, one of the largest Internet providers in Chicagoland serving business and residential customers.


Stop Searching -
Start Finding

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