Let your data talk to your customers

Our AI-powered conversational platform gives customers an easy and natural way for customers to experience and purchase your products. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and continuous learning from customer interactions to make your voice more 'brand-aware'. We combine the expertise of an advanced research team, the competence of a production-level software engineering team, and experienced, world-renowned business and industry leaders. Our conversational technology is driven by AI and machine learning, and provides a platform to quickly bootstrap a conversational system for enterprises. VUI securely ingests your customers' data to continuously learn, adapt, and optimize interactions seamlessly across different digital channels.

VUI Talk

VUI talk is the conversational engine using VUI's next generation natural language understanding (NLU) and dialog manager (DM) to facilitate 'brand-aware' conversations between brands and customers. Don't frustrate your customers with scripted, robotic interactions; deliver a dynamic and conversational experience with your Brand. Our conversational engine allows new prospects and loyal returning customers to create the experience they are looking for with your Brand.

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The VUI Conversational engine allows the autonomous service to 'think' as the Brand and interact with voice and text based on the customer's preference and context. VUI's natural language understanding (NLU) performs better than state-of-the-art intent classification and slot tagging, interpreting utterance semantics in the context of the dialog. VUI's NLU is able to accurately detect multiple intents, as well corresponding functional units, thus avoiding restricting customers to single intent or multiple interactions. Our machine-learning algorithms are adapted and customized to minimize annotation effort and maximize the performance of the conversation and the user experience. To get smarter, we continuously learn from customers' data. Our product reduces design ambiguities, leveraging experts in linguistics with years of professional background in conversational systems. When the core models are configured, the platform relies on active learning techniques and progresses semi-autonomously with very light-weight supervision.

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VUI AI ingests brand-specific data (catalog to dialog™), enabling continuous machine-learning around customer behavior and preferences. Using a Brand's current catalog, the VUI platform generates a 'brand-aware' super lexicon to support robust dialog exclusively with that Brand. VUI AI acts as an employee training session, transferring years of domain and Brand expertise. Allow your customers to ask thousands of questions, easily search for new products, and feel like they have a personalized shop advisor on-demand.

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In order to move consumers from interest to purchase, retailers need an expert system that has an extensive understanding of the product and related attributes. VUI's platform gives brands the power to take their product catalogs and rapidly voice-enable them. We call it Catalog to Dialog™. Leveraging deep learning, VUI AI unlocks extensive 'brand awareness' and automated attribute generation to build a highly conversational experience so users can ask questions about a product or service. VUI generates an extended, brand-specific lexicon and establishes a connection between attributes and requests. VUI uses enterprise data and externally optimized data models for eCommerce. This includes functionality that gives users conversational access to customer reviews and other feedback that can help accelerate a purchase. Catalog to dialog allows you to have a helpful, expert sales person on any product detail page.

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VUI Cloud

VUI Cloud is the platform that allows Brands to deploy voice capability that

  • runs smoothly on mobile, smart speaker, and web;
  • scales based on users;
  • and easily integrates with current enterprise systems.
VUI Cloud is powered by seamless, pre-built enterprise integration with VUI Connect. VUI supports many customer and leading eCommerce platforms, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) and BigCommerce. VUI Analytics provides a new level of data and insights by leveraging voice utterance to drive business performance.

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VUI Cloud is the platform that allows your voice enablement to run smoothly and scale. This advanced cloud infrastructure supports consumer interactions (VUI Kit), powerful integration to customer information (VUI Connect), a world-class conversational engine and actionable analytics (VUI Analytics) to capture real customer intent, performance, and results. The VUI platform is deployed, extended, and managed by our team - reducing time to market and ensuring mutual profitability with a pay per use model. Our conversational technology is configured to your brand, continuously learns over time, and supports all your digital channels. We provide 'out of the box' conversational automations that are adapted to your brand for specific use cases. VUI Kit is an SDK that allows customers to access VUI through any digital channel. The platform integrates multimodality (voice, messaging, and content) to give customers an exceptional experience. We designed our conversational system for multiple input and output modalities. VUI Kit integrates with mobile and desktop web applications by overlaying speech and text input/output capabilities without impacting the underlining application. Customers can switch between modalities, interactively browse lists, and select responses either by voice or touch/click. VUI Kit runs on personal assistants (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana), mobile devices (both as native and browser-based applications), and desktops (e.g., as browser-based applications).

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