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Common Misconceptions about eCommerce Search: Myth #1

As with any complex technology, there are plenty of common misconceptions around site search in Retail. We’re here to dispel those myths, and to help retailers understand how eCommerce search really works. Here it goes:

Myth #1: Search results should never change.

Most people believe that search results should be unchanging and repeatable. If a shopper searches for a product, that search should yield the same results for every other user at any given time. The reality is, search results are dynamic and change frequently. Catalog updates, retailer promotions, and product availability are just some examples of why search results are almost never static.

In addition, search results are evaluated within the context of the user's intent. For example, if shoppers search for an apple, they could be searching for a fruit or a computer.

This seemingly simple search can yield relevant or useless results depending on the intent of the shopper. Ultimately, the test of a good search engine is relevance, not uniformity or predictability.

Look our for Myth #2 next week: Search is Catalog-Driven Only

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