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Common Misconceptions about eCommerce Search. Myth #5

Myth #5: Site search is for products only.

Our analysis of site searches showed that 5-10% of all searches are non-product content. Customers regularly search for a multitude of things that are not specifically related to a product. Some examples are:

  • Shipping & Returns

  • Coupons, Sales, & Promotions

  • Contact Us / Store Hours / Directions / Store Locator

  • Careers

  • Reviews

  • Recipes and Nutrition

  • Where to buy

Here we have a shopper who's looking for information on how to contact the retailer. The result? Contact solution!

Similarly, a shopper looking to learn more about a brand's sizing information was given a plus-sized Disney sweatshirt.

While the ultimate goal is to sell products on a site, retailers shouldn’t neglect non-product content. By consistently and accurately providing non-product information requested, brands can ensure a much better customer experience on their sites.

Thanks for checking out our blog series on Common Misconceptions about eCommerce Search! By understanding the complexities of ecommerce search and analyzing their current search capabilities, retailers can set themselves up for long-term eCommerce success.

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