Why VUI?

VUI incorporated years of speech and eCommerce expertise to create a fully managed service that gives retailers and their customers the power of voice. VUI’s deployment process gets you up and running fast. Our machine-learning, AI approach automatically generates the data needed to launch, maintain, and expand. During the continuous, iterative process, the system modifies itself to continually improve its functionality.

  • VUI gets you up and running fast – we deploy in weeks.
  • Dialog with a machine has never been so engaging
  • VUI uses both Brand-specific and pre-trained domain data sets to understand what your customers want
  • VUI is always available anywhere your customers engage with you
  • With your managed service, you can get both language updates and new conversational automations as part of your subscription
  • We understand your brand, help you measure your performance, and are aligned with your business goals

Reach more customers

Little to no cost to deploy on any channel and integrate into the leading voice, app, web and eCommerce platforms.

Scale without losing speed

As your users demand more support for voice shopping, we can scale and support large complex catalogs and automations on our cloud-based platform.

More bang for your buck

Custom, brand-specific voice is expensive and hard to support. VUI lets you deploy voice and AI automation as part of the solution, and gives you access to ongoing improvement and features via subscription.

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